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bullet Mining is one of the highest paying industrial sectors in Canada.
bullet Almost 390,000 Canadians work in the mining industry.
bullet There are over 120 different careers available in mining.
bullet Canada's mining industry has a safety record that meets or beats that of most other industries.
bullet The Mining Association of Canada was recognized in 2005 with the Globe Foundation's "Industry Association Award for Environmental Performance".

There are many other careers which support the mining industry.  Some of these are:  Nurse, Truck Driver, Welder, Carpenter, Administration Clerks, Payroll Clerks, Graphic Designers, Purchasing Agents,  Lawyers and Financial Analysts to name just a few.

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Professional and Scientific Occupations

National Occupation Code (2006)

Chemical Engineer, Process Engineer 2134
Chemist 2112
Drafting Technologist 2253
Electrical Engineer 2133
Electronic Service Technician 2242
Environmental Technician 2231
Geochemist, Geologist, Geophysicist 2113
Geological Engineer 2144
Geological Technician, Geophysical Technician, Geological & Mineral Technologists and Technicians, Metallurgical Control Analyst, Prospector 2212
Mechanical Engineer 2132
Metallurgical Engineer 2142
Mining Engineer 2143
Quality Control Engineer 2141
Surveyor 2154
Installation, Maintenance and Repair Occupations
Construction Millwright, Industrial Mechanic 7311
Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanic 7312
Machinist or Machining and Tooling Inspector 7231
Maintenance Analyst or Maintenance Worker 6663
Technical Occupation in Electronics and Electrical Engineering 2241
Manager of Mechanics, Installers and Repairers 7219
Trades Helper and Labourer 7611
Construction and Extraction Occupations
Blaster 7372
Borer Operator 9511
Construction Equipment Operator 7421
Diamond Driller, Mine Cutting and Channeling Machine Operator, Miner, Mining Machine Operator, Mining Machine Operator, Roof Bolter 8231
Electrician 7242
Explosives Handlers and Packer 7452
Mine Safety Inspector 2263
Stationary Engineer 7351
Production Occupations
Mill Operator, Plant and System Operator 0911
Managers of Production and Operating Workers 0811
Transportation and Material Moving Occupations
Bulldozer Operator, Excavator Operator 7421
Conveyor Operator, Hand Shuttle Car Operator 8411
Freight, Stock, and Material Mover, Industrial Truck and Tractor Operator 7452
Hoistman, Loading Machine Operator 8231
Truck Driver 7411

Health and Safety Occupations

Health and Safety Training Supervisor, Health and Safety Worker 2263
Security Guard 6651